John McCain recently took a jab at John Kerry calling him “Mr. Secretary.” It seems John McCain just can’t let go of the recent Susan Rice Behghazi hoopla he tried to stir up. Kerry wasn’t unarmed however and soon had his own opportunity to take a kick as a very recently purple John McCain teaching him the proverbial lesson. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

McCain just won’t stop. Benghazi is a dead issue. Other then it’s overt politicization Benghazi has never actually been an issue other then an opportunity by the GOP to exploit the attack for traction during their abysmal presidential campaign. I’m not the biggest Maddow fan but her response to McCain’s latest round of questions regarding Benghazi dismantles what this strategy by the Republicans is all about. First, she gives the answers which to this point are entirely public knowledge. Then she goes fourth to explain the motivations to keep Susan Rice out of the Secretary Of State position in order to clear a senate seat now held by John Kerry. To the point where in the same interviews GOP officials speak to John Kerry’s great aptitude for the job. But wait a minute: wasn’t John Kerry the wrong man for the job because of the international challenges in 2004? No, what we needed then according to these same people was George W Bush.

Ouch. FOX recently invited Military Expert Historian, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist,¬†and Senior Fellow of the Center For A New American Security military think tank Thomas Ricks on the show. Two questions and less then a minute into the interview about GOP politicians backing off of Susan Rice critcisms (most notably John McCain) Ricks lets him know precisely why he thinks the story is hyped. But doesn’t stop there and continues to accuse FOX of “operating as a wing of the Republican party”. The awkwardness index goes up to about 100% and the interview is cut short. One sure fire way to tell when the pwnage is dropping is that those who get crushed will always try to limp away even though the damage is already done.

UPDATE: FOX later claimed that Ricks apologized after the show. He did not. And I’ve added his response here after the video in which he claims FOX’s reaction “is horse shit”. Tom Ricks, we salute you!

It’s getting to the point where the Republicans don’t even know what they’re angry about regarding Benghazi anymore. However they’ve become so pot committed that to not see it out to the river means they’ll lose their chips anyway. Soledad O’Brien repeatedly attacks Joe Heck claiming he’s applying a double standard to the similar circumstances of Susan Rice explaining Benghazi to the UN and Condoleezza Rice explaining Weapons Of Mass Destruction. He tries to talk his way out of it multiple times but Soledad keeps hitting the rewind button to pwn him again. Ultimately Heck breaks down and admits that Susan Rice, the Rhodes Scholar he (FOX/McCain/All Republicans as well) have been painting as a dumb person for a month, is actually not to blame at all. Funnybot says… AWKWARD!

A day after General Petraeus exonerated the White House of any cover ups regarding the Benghazi situation Republican representative Dana Rohrabacher pressed on pointing fingers convinced of a grand conspiracy to cover up an act of terrorism. This is despite Obama’s now famous declaration that it was an act of terror in the Rose Garden less then 24 hours after the attack happened. Dana’s convictions led him to Anderson Cooper where he presented his argument directly contrary to the testimony of Petraeus. Cooper responds telling Dana “What you are saying is factually incorrect.” Dana gets quite upset but refuses to discredit the Petraeus testimony or provide evidence Obama is lying. He also neglects to actually say what Obama lies about since Mitt Romney already sank his own ship falsely claiming Obama denied a terror attack in the second presidential debate. Does this look like a lie without evidence? Or does it look like someone who’s really upset that his party just lost a major election and wants something to be angry about. Dana says Anderson Cooper doesn’t have the facts. But when asked if the facts are wrong he refuses to refute them or saying they are lies. It appears facts appear in Dana’s world as Dana wants them to be instead of as they are.