We expected The Daily Show to be on fire this political cycle but recent events in the US Presidential Race have exceeded our expectations. In obvious damage control mode Rupert Murdoch, FOX News, their anchors, correspondents, pundits and probably some camera men too began to show a desperation rarely seen. Then the contradictions and double standards start flying towards the Comedy Network as joke fodder. I’m beginning to think Jon Stewart might have the easiest job in America.


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FOX makes it easy for Jon Stewart to keep his place as one of the funniest men in the world merely by providing him with constant material. In this clip The Daily Show staff were quick to notice FOX blatantly mis-representing an Obama speech on taxes. When they play the original however, it appears there’s a different message.

It takes a special kind of stupid to make papa bear look smart, but Herman Cain is not the kind of national candidate to back down from a challenge. It takes a special kind of right wing BS for Bill O’Reilly to actually take it to task… but amazingly Cain manages. How crazy does the 9 9 9 tax plan really have to be for Bill O’Reilly to suggest it’s not feasible to reduce taxes this much? In a salute to one of the better owned candidates to go out before the primaries have begun, Political Pwnage gives you a second video (in a row!) of Herman Cain showing us why he chose to stick to delivering pizzas.